One-to-one Lessons
Next course begins June 23, 2024
Duration: 10 weeks.
Aimed at the general public, with or without experience in painting.
TOTAL Cost $199 USD ($2,999 MXN)

Working method:
Each week I will provide a video with instructions so that the students can carry out the exercise at their own pace. At the end of each week we will meet in a video conference (in Google Meet) to review the results, answer questions and offer feedback on the student's work. The video conference will be held in groups of 4 students in 1 hour sessions. If a student cannot attend the online session, this will be recorded and can be watched at the time of their choice.
The student will be able to access all recorded material, including reviews of other student's work.
All lessons are offered in English.

Sample Lesson:

Guide the students in their development as painters, offering them feedback and suggestions to their work.


Time available: Sundays 12:00 pm (Mexico City Time)

Payment (PayPal)

Topics that will be covered in the course:
1. Gray Scale
2. Monochrome
3. Hue
4. Mix and Match colors
5. Value-Hue relation
6. Color of light and shadows
7. Composition
8. Basic Perspective
9. Color Harmony
10. View Point

Questions: oficinacesarcordova@gmail.com